exclusive, intelligent, gorgeous.

I'm a woman carving her own path in this beautiful world.
Join me on my journey...

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About Me

Though I can't wait to hear from you, I encourage you to take your time while browsing.

I'm behind on my self-imposed deadline — classic. My blog will be back soon; thank you for understanding.

⬖  most importantly  ⬗

I am an extraordinarily low volume provider.

I screen thoroughly, for your safety & mine.

I have many tattoos (all are tasteful).

⬖  statistics  ⬗

height: 5' 4.5"

weight: 103

age: 29

race: white

eye color: depends – brown, hazel, green...

current hair color: brown & a little blonde

hair length: mid-back

tattoos: many

body piercings: if ears count..

breast implants: no


As always, gentlemen who I've had the pleasure of spending time with in the past year will enjoy their grandfathered rate.


⬖  abbreviated affairs  ⬗

1.5 hours — $900

2 hours — $1,000

4 hours — $1,500

6 hours — $2,000


⬖  elongated trysts  ⬗

  overnight — $3,000
most popular

all day — $4,000

24 hours — $5,500

48 hours — $8,000

Kindly add $200 for incall.

If you request an incall, you will be required to remit this amount prior to our first meeting. For our subsequent incall meetings, you'll reimburse me in person.

Let's Get Away...

⬖  destination travel  ⬗

3 days — $8,000

4 days — $9,000

5 days — $10,000

...... be it Canada, Colorado, or Australia, I'm always up for traveling.

Versatile:  I love lounging on a good beach, yet I also adore hiking & other strenuous activities.

Passport Ready ✓

Upcoming Schedule

I am available:

⬖  December  ⬗

16 – 18

⬖  January  ⬗

2 – 5

13 – 15

26 – 31

⬖  February  ⬗

1 – 12

24 – 29

Last Update:

What to Expect

In all likelihood, when we are able to meet in person, our bond will develop quickly; however....

Meeting each other through a website does not by itself allow for much of a personal connection. I favor a bit of emailing back & forth before our first meeting. It is not realistic to assume that we will have an instantaneous attachment, so please keep this in mind.

If we are meeting at a hotel, I expect you to let me know the layout prior to my arrival.
If I am hosting, I will do the same for you.

(Where is the elevator in relation to the front desk?)

upon your arrival...

I expect you to arrive on time, unless I hear from you. After we greet each other, you should take off your coat (if applicable) and set down your phone, briefcase, etc.

I will be playing music quietly and will also supply refreshments.

After we exchange pleasantries, you should place your identification and envelope on a counter. Then you will excuse yourself to the restroom — please wash your hands at the very least. You're more than welcome to take a shower.

upon my arrival...

I will arrive on time. If I am running late for any reason (this rarely occurs), I will text you. I will be dressed in a discreet manner. I'll greet you with a warm hug and perhaps a kiss on the cheek. 💋

We'll chat for a bit; I'll excuse myself to the restroom where I will find your identification and an envelope.


  • Where can we meet?
  • At your home or at a hotel. I can come to you (outcall), or you can come to me (incall).
  • How long from the time I submit my screening info until the time I see you?
  • It can vary greatly... Somewhere between one week and one month. I don't meet many new people.
  • Woah. What about after you know me?
  • After our first meeting, 24 hours notice is preferred.
  • Why do you need my personal information?
  • Your info ensures the safety of both parties.
  • What do you do with my personal info when you're done with it?
  • I delete it.
  • Do you accept P411 (or other)?
  • No.
  • I don't want to provide you with all of the information you need. Will you see me if ___?
  • No.  Absolutely not.
  • Do you accept references?
  • It depends on who the lady is. References will not allow you to circumvent my other screening protocols.
  • Will you provide me with a reference to see another companion?
  • Absolutely!  I do ask that you email me first, to let me know that a lady will be contacting me. If I do not have a confirmation from you, I will not respond to her request. This is for your safety – I am not going to tell anyone that I know you without your expressed consent.
  • What is your "age limit"?
  • I enjoy spending time with gentlemen who are 40 or better (older). Blog post coming soon! 😊
  • We haven't met yet. Can we do an overnight?
  • I prefer to get to know you a bit before we spend that much time together.
  • Can you recommend a companion in my area? Do you offer doubles?
  • I'm sorry, but no. I’m not involved with other companions on that level.
  • What's your stance on tips or gifts?
  • Love them. Who doesn't?! Wishlist coming soon.
  • I've seen you before. Do I have to pay your current rate?
  • If you have seen me in the past year, you are grandfathered in. If not, you'll pay my current rate.
  • Why don't you show your face?
  • If we decide to go out together, I won't be recognized. (Among other reasons.)
  • What is on your menu?
  • Nothing. I am not Wendy's. 😉
  • I didn't get a response from you....  Why?
  • I don't respond to explicit messages, inquiries containing juvenile phrases ("r u avail," "hey baby"), or questions for which the answer is prominently featured on my site.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • More than 48 hours before our date: no cancellation fee.
  • Between 20 & 48 hours notice: 25% of your intended appointment length.
  • Less than 20 hours: 50% of your intended appointment length.
  • No show: 100% of your intended appointment length.

If you have a question that remains unanswered, feel free to ask!

General Hours

⬖  outcall:  1pm — 11pm  ⬗

⬖  incall:  after 4pm  ⬗

These are my preferred hours. They do not apply to elongated trysts or destination travel.

If you are unable to schedule something within my parameters, I'll try my best to accommodate your needs.

(Our time together is expected to begin during these hours.... for example, a four hour date beginning at 8pm is perfectly fine!)


You may contact me directly or through my screening form.
Know that if you contact me directly – perhaps you have a question – you will still need to complete my form.

Not ready to reach out yet? I'm not going anywhere. When it returns, get to know me through my blog. I'm well aware that this can be a nerve-racking process. 😌

Please know that I have zero interest in intruding on your personal life & my process is discreet.  After I verify you, your personal information is deleted & I will email you my number.

★ denotes required field

About You
Contacting You

^ If you do not provide a contact email, I will contact you via your primary email.

Our First Date

^ Though not required, please try to provide a backup date/time.

Almost There


Keep in mind, I am more likely to meet with gentlemen who have completed my questionnaire. I'm particular about who I choose to meet with, & I find that these questions aide in my decision-making.

You can download my questionnaire (PDF), or you can request that I send you the questions within the body of an email.

After you've passed verification, I'll gladly reciprocate with my own answers.