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while you're waiting


howdy fellas 😉

Welcome to my new site!

It's been a long time...

Over the past couple years, good ole-fashioned learning has been my mainstay. It's seriously addicting.

I've travelled a bit.

I've done some (not enough) in the category of self-improvement.

I've been seeing one person almost exclusively for the past year & a half. Ooohh, many stories I could share... 😏
Truth be told, during my 'hiatus', I slept with three people – which includes my personal life.

what I want out of my web presence...

I'd like to form new long-term connections with a select few gentlemen.

Some think I'm an odd bird. I like to spend most of my time alone. However, I realize I also need occasional companionship to be a balanced human.

I've worked on myself during this hiatus; I think I'm ready to come out of my shell again. I think it's time to meet some new gentlemen in this great state of Ohio. I'm ready to have fresh experiences, & more often than not, I'm ready to explore all that this world has to offer.

I truly adore the process of getting to know someone. The stronger the foundation, the stronger the relationship — in all facets of life.

until next time...

xox Olive 💋